Coco Glam Teeth Whitening Kit

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  • 3x Efficient pen with whitening gel (up to 30 uses!) Safe for enamel and gums
  • 1x Silicone, waterproof Mouth Piece  with 16 bright LED (cold blue light) 
  • 3x Adapters (iOS, Android, USB-C) to connect device to all types of smartphones
  • 1x User manual 
  • 1x White scale of teeth to measure whitening effects

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Hollywood smile with Coco Glam Teeth Whitening Kit!

Up to 9 tons brighter teeth!

The effects are visible after the first use!

  • Innovative Mouth Piece with LEDs powered by your smartphone
  • 3x gold pen with safe whitening gel that will change the whitening process into a luxurious ritual with affordable budget
  • Simple handling of the whitening pad and applicators will enable the kit to be used anywhere from home, car to work
  • 3x pen with gels  are up to 480 minutes of whitening. One whitening session lasts 16 minutes
  • The Mouth Piece is a waterproof which can be easily washed 

Treatment with Coco Glam Teeth Whitening Kit is  painless and safe 

The treatment was developed together with dental experts in Poland. It does not contain hydrogen peroxide, therefore it is gentle on teeth and gums. Remember! The effects of whitening depend on the color of your teeth and discoloration. We recommend using the treatment for 7 days.

Remember to contact your dentist before whitening. To improve the effects, we recommend using a white diet during the course of treatment and a minimum of 2 weeks after its completion.

We recommend repeating the whitening after a period of 2 months.

Coco Glam Teeth Whitening Kit is not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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