Coco Glam Bright

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Coco Glam Bright

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  • teeth whitening powder.
  • Whitens and polishes teeth.
  • Prevents tooth decay and the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • VEGANfriendly and Crueltyfree.
  • The package contains 40g of powder sufficient for 6 month

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Coco Glam Bright was created for brighter and whiter teeth. Now you can  polish your pearly whites with our signature, peroxide-free blue powder.

Whiten your teeth wisely with our Coco Glam Bright ( dentist-approved blue
Teeth Whitening Powder). It is safe on sensitive teet. Our combination of peel oil and refreshing mint  remove teeth staining from food, coffee, alcohol,  smoking and other overindulgences.
Providing your pearly whites with long-lasting brightness and shine, our box of  whitening powder lasts for 6 months (when used as directed).
  • Coco Glam Bright   powder is a fine peppermint flavoured powder which used once or twice a week will keep your teeth looking lighter and brighter.
  • It cleans away all external staining including red wine, nicotine, tea and coffee etc.
  • The powder should be used before your normal toothpaste once or twice a week.
  • The powder is a mild abrasive and it is  perfectly safe for use 1-2 times a week although we wouldn’t advise daily use.
For the best results put your toothbrush and dip into the box. Make sure your bristles are coated in the powder. Brush your teeth using small circular motions. (don’t brush your gums) and brush each section of your mouth for 30 seconds. When completed rinse your mouth out and follow with regular toothpaste.

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