Coco Glam Pro Mint

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Whitens teeth.
It prevents tooth decay and the growth of harmful bacteria.
VEGANfriendly and Crueltyfree.
The package  is sufficient for 2-3 months.

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Fine black powder to whiten your teeth? Yes! The secret ingredient is an oxidized version of activated charcoal that absorbs various substances and pollution. It's non-toxic for people and harmless for teeth as it does not absorb minerals that build them, it does not interfere with enamel or teeth structure.

Does coffee, cigarette, coloured drinks or other products residue bother you? While using Coco Glam you will see the effects just after a few uses.


COCO GLAM is a 100% Natural Teeth Whitener. It's so effective thanks to organic activated coconut tree charcoal that cleans teeth, strengthens enamel and cleanses mouth. Without any chemicals and added nasties! All by odourless and tasteless preparation. Isn't it simple?


All the ingredients are nautural and organic. They help safely and effectively whiten teeth and cleanse mouth leaving the long-lasting feeling of cleanness.

  • Activated charcoal- has huge various substance and pollution absorbing characteristics. It's a non-toxic substance for people and harmless for teeth as it does not absorb minerals. Additionally, it does not interfere with enamel or teeth structure.

  • Bentonite clay- one of the most effective among all medicinal clay. Its natural origin- straight from volcnic rocks guarantees a safe use. That's exactly the odourless clay contained in COCO GLAM that strenghtens and whitens teeth.

  • Mint- its presence in the composition guaratees fresh breath and refreshing taste of the product.

  • Orange extract- rich in vitamin C removes tooth coating effectively and smooths teeth surface gently and effectively.

COCO GLAM is also an option for creating a natural cleaning face mask. Add a bit of coconut oil, leave it for approximately 10-15 minutes on your face, then rinse it off and be satisfied with refreshed and clean skin.


Wet your toothbrush and put a bit of COCO GLAM on it. Brush your teeth with gentle circular movements for 3 minutes, then leave the product on your teeth for about 2 minutes. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth again with a traditional toothpaste- it's done. You will instantly feel amazing cleanness of your mouth and after a few uses you will notice clearly visible whitening effect.


  • Deodorises mouth,

  • Reduces tooth decay, gum diseases and bad breath,

  • Prevents harmful bacteria growth.


  • if your teeth are yellowish, COCO GLAM may not bring the expected results- contact your dentist to learn other ways of whitening your smile.

  • Remember that regularity is a very vital factor while applying this method- brush your teeth with COCO GLAM in the morning and in the evening.

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